Comfortable and effective pumping is the goal.  If you’re emptying your breasts fully in a reasonable timeframe and you don’t have any discomfort, our flanges aren’t going to take you to a blissful euphoric place—pumping is pumping.  But if there's room to improve, or you have elastic (overly stretchy) nipples, or you'd like to lean back while pumping, try our flanges! 

Our Sets are satisfaction guaranteed (within the US), so if they don’t make things better let us know within 15 days and we’ll refund the full product cost.  

We also have lactation consultants on staff to help you find the right size and troubleshoot issues to help you use our flanges most effectively.  

PumpinPal flanges have been transformative for countless people and it's very likely they will be for you, too!

Reviewed by Jenn Foster, MS, IBCLC, CD

February 8, 2022