Two decades of fitting our flanges has taught us that you really have to try them on with your pump to figure out which size is truly best.  Even if you've been fitted by a lactation consultant or delivery nurse, our flange sizes don't translate directly to standard flange sizes.  Also, due to elasticity issues, what looks or even measures as a certain size often turns out to be different when it's in a flange using vacuum.    

The purpose of having Sets with three flange sizes (for the price of two) is that our angled design doesn't translate directly to standard flanges sizes so you have to use them to see how they fit you.  Sets purchased in the United States also include a Sizing Guarantee to send you any other size at no cost so there's no risk in choosing one set size over the other, and have a 15-day return policy unlike most other personal use products on the market. 

Once you've found your size, individual pairs can be purchased here (not returnable).

Reviewed by Jenn Foster, IBCLC & Lori Shad, IBCLC

March 8, 2022