We recommend by hand washing our silicone flanges with warm water and a grease cutting dish soap like Dawn Ultra (with yellow ducks on the label).  

Our silicone flanges can be cleaned in a dishwasher on the top rack, but most automatic dishwasher detergents can etch the surface causing them to become foggy. 

Also, if you're using the silicone flanges to control elasticity, it's best to avoid cleaning in the dishwasher because many dishwasher detergents contain an anti-spotting ingredient that binds to silicone and acts like lubricant, making the silicone no longer able to keep the nipple from stretching too far.

So while you can clean the parts in the dishwasher, we don't recommend it and we do not replace parts that are damaged in the dishwasher. Do not use any chemicals such as bleach to clean or sanitize the flanges.

Reviewed by Diana West, IBCLC

June 17, 2021