The ability to massage your breasts while pumping with our flanges without breaking suction depends on how much breast tissue you have.  Some people with more tissue are able to do it just fine, but it can be harder for others with less tissue.

We generally say that massage and compressions are not usually needed with our flanges because they can remove milk more effectively, but everyone is different and some people do need massage and compressions while pumping to fully empty their breasts.

With our silicone flanges, massage and breast compressions may be more likely to break the suction, so try holding onto the flared out part of the flange with one hand to keep it on the breast while the other hand does the massage and/or compressions.  Don't press too firmly against your chest, though, because that can compress milk ducts making it harder for the milk to flow.

Reviewed by Diana West, IBCLC

June 10, 2021