Many people do find that our flanges remove more milk when they are sized correctly.  (In our silicone flanges, the application process is also critical for thorough milk removal.)  Everyone is different, though, so we can't promise that you'll get more milk but the chances are very good that you will.

How much milk you can get depends on many factors, including many that aren't related to pumping. When attached correctly, our silicone flanges can help drain your breasts more effectively, which in turn can increase your supply because more milk is being removed.  

When you first start using them, the amount you get from fully draining your breasts may be similar to the amount you got with the other flange brand.  Within a couple of days, though, you should start seeing a bit more output.  How much more is different from person to person.

Making More Milk, second editionA resource that may be helpful is the Making More Milk book.  Diana West, one of our inhouse lactation consultants, is the co-author and they just published an updated second edition.  It's a comprehensive exploration of the latest research and most effective methods for increasing milk production.

Reviewed by Diana West, IBCLC

June 10, 2021