The purpose of our Sets with three flange sizes is give you the opportunity to try each flange size to determine the best fit.  Many times a day we talk to people who need a different size flange than the size they think they are or they need different sizes on different breasts.  Also, due to elasticity issues, what looks or even measures as a certain size often turns out to be different when it's in a flange under vacuum.  And years of working with moms with a wide range of nipple sizes and shapes have taught us that nipple size can change during the pumping journey, at different times of the day, and with each new baby.  So having three flange sizes gives you the flexibility of having the right size at the right time to remove milk most effectively, which can make all the difference.  

If it turns out you need a different size than what's in your Set and you're in the US, we have a Sizing Guarantee for domestic orders to send you any other size at no cost so there's no risk in choosing one set size over the other.  This benefit isn't available for flanges purchased individually.  Likewise, our sets have a 15-day return window but our individual flanges are not returnable.


Reviewed by Jenn Foster, MA, IBCLC, CD

February 8, 2022