Because our flanges are angled and don't correspond directly in sizing to standard flanges, we've learned over twenty years that it's not possible to know what size you need until you try them on and use them with your pump.  

But our Sizing Quiz can fairly accurately narrow it down to two size groupings, our Small Set (with the green Medium hard plastic flange and the Small pink and XSmall blue silicone flanges) and our Large Set (with the green Medium, purple Large, and yellow XLarge hard plastic flanges).


If it turns out that the Three-Size Flange Set you order doesn't have the right size and you're in the US, we have a Sizing Guarantee for domestic orders that promises to send you the right size at no cost (this guarantee isn't available for flanges purchased individually).  

If you can't find a size that works, our Sets delivered in the US have a 15-day return guarantee from the date of purchase (which also doesn't apply for flanges purchased individually).

Reviewed by Jenn Foster, MS, IBCLC, CD

February 8, 2022