The CDC breastpump cleaning guidelines indicate it is best practice to wash your pumping parts after each pumping session. You can find these guidelines HERE

It's very important to NOT put our silicone flanges in the fridge because it bonds oils to the silicone and can make them cloudy.  

If you don't have a sink or water handy where you pump, we do have some suggestions from other pumping parents. 

1)  Use the Medela Quick Clean wipes for wiping down all your pumping parts 

2)  Use our Silicone Cleaner instead of water (it's biodegradable and non-toxic).  Use a water wipe, microfiber cloth, or lint-free cloth to wipe down the pumping parts and remove the cleaner. 

Reviewed by Jenn Foster, IBCLC & Lori Shad, IBCLC

March 8, 2022